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5 Best Coconut Scrapers For Every Kitchen

Do you want to buy the best quality coconut scrapers online? Find here, our recommended best coconut scraper for every kitchen available online.

Coconut is an important fruit in India. And we use scraped coconut in different cuisine and delicious sweets. So, a good quality coconut scraper is a must-have item for every kitchen.

Below Are Our Recommended Best Coconut Scrapers

1. Ultra CS-Dura+ Coconut Scraper/Peeler Attachment


  • It is one of the best electric coconut scrapers we find available online.
  • The product has sharp stainless steel blades that help to get evenly grated coconut.

2. Sun Star Sunstar Electric Coconut Scraper


  • This is an another good quality electric scraper you can buy for your kitchen
  • It makes the coconut scraping an easy, fast and pleasant experience for every house wife.

3. ULTRA Micro Coconut Scraper Wet Grinder Accessory


  • This product has been made for Ultra Micro Wet grinder model
  • This is easy to attach and remove.

4. Coconut Grater Coconut Scraper with Screw


  • It is a table mount model that clamps to the flat work surface. This Coconut greater is specially designed to the Indian market.
  • High-quality stainless steel blade can extract fine coconut scraps. Improved clamp system will fit to Granite counter tops as well as any other tables.
  • This is one of the most popular style of grating coconut. It is seated type. Here, the grater sits astride the bench and grates the fresh white coconut meat direclty from the brown hard coconut shell using the sharp metal teeth of the attached grater.

5. Coconut Scraper With Vacuum Base


  • It is a stainless steel cococut scraper with vacuum base.
  • The scraper is easy to use, just hold the half cut coconut in your left hand and insert the blade in the coconut and start rotating the handle in the clockwise direction. As the blade moves inside the coconut,it scrapes the coconut and gets accumulated in the base.
  • The scraper stays stable at one place while being used due to its vacuum base.

These are the most popular coconut scrapers housewives prefer in their kitchen at present. Hope this list will help you in buying the most suitable coconut scrapers for you kichen needs.

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